What is included in the mowing service?

Our mow crews are all trained to mow, edge, weed-eat, and blow the clippings for each mow service. Bagging is offered to weekly mow customers only. If you have specific instructions on how you would like your yard serviced, please contact the office prior to the mow crew being sent out. We schedule based on the time we expect it’ll take at each house, so specific instructions may add to your estimated time.

Can the crews bag the clippings?

We don’t recommend bagging clippings as this acts as a natural fertilizer for the turf. However, if you still wish to have the clippings bagged, contact the office and they can add it to your account.

Please note: this service is only available for weekly mowing customers and we do charge an additional fee for bagging.

How low do the crews mow?

Our mowers are set to mow at least 2” but no more than 3”. This is the recommended height so as to not scalp the yard (mow too low) and burn the turf while still getting that freshly mowed look.

I forgot to unlock my gate and the crew was not able to service my backyard/side yard.

We do offer combination locks for those that would like to keep their gates locked, but wish for the crews to have access to the backyard/side-yards. Contact the office and let them know you are interested in receiving a combo lock.

We schedule mows to be serviced on the same day (weather permitting) so the expectation is that the gate will be unlocked, however, we understand it can be forgotten. Contact the office if this occurs.

I have weeds in my rock bed/gravel. Can the crews clean those areas out for me when they clean the flower beds?

Our crews will use a chemical spot weed control for the rock beds and/or gravel areas. Please contact the office prior to the service visit as the chemical treatment is a separate price from the usual bed cleaning for flower beds.

What principle services are included in the full-service package programs?

The principle services are all those listed on the Silver package. The mowing (edging, weed-eating, blowing, trash pick-up), bed cleaning, shrub trimming, scalping (optional), and ant bait.

What do the crews do in the winter months when the grass is dormant and mowing is not needed?

During the winter months, our crews will continue the usual package services of cleaning the beds of weeds/leaves, seasonal cutbacks, leaf cleaning in the yard, clearance pruning trees, and ant bait.

What if I don't want the fertilizer/spot weed program included in the Gold package? Can I swap it out for the insect and disease program instead?

Yes, we can revise the Gold program to include either chemical program or both if you’d like. If you wish to see the price differences between these three (3) options, contact the office for a specialized proposal.

I wish to cancel/leave my program early.

We strive to make all our customers happy and satisfied so if there is any issue with the program that you are not satisfied with, we ask that you contact the office to discuss those issues and how we can resolve them. If you are moving and no longer need the service, check to see if your new address is within our service area and we can work to adjust the program for your new location as well.

The crew broke a sprinkler head in my yard. Will you replace it?

If the crew is responsible for damage to a sprinkler head, we are willing to fix/replace the head. If we were not responsible for the damage, but the sprinkler head is broken we can fix/replace it for the cost of the replacement parts.

My neighbor's run-off water is coming into my yard! Can you help me?

Depending where the excess run-off water is coming to, this could cause issues for your property such as foundation issues if near the house or fungus’ if pooling in the yard. Contact the office to schedule a consultation with our landscaper to see what would be the best course of action for your situation.

What different types of sod are available?

For this area of Texas, we recommend either: St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia. Speak with the office to see which type of sod would work best for your yard and receive a free quote.

Why does my sod keep dying?

There could be various reasons for dying sod. Speak with the office to schedule a consultation with our experienced technicians and discuss what may be the issue with the sod.

I have a very shady yard and my grass keeps dying. What do you recommend?

St. Augustine sod works best for yards that are shady, however we recommend thinning the trees to allow sunlight as even St. Augustine needs some sun to keep growing.

I think I have a fungus growing in my yard. What do I do?

Immediately contact the office if you suspect there may be a fungus. Fungus’ tend to develop when a yard is not draining properly and the excess water sits on the turf for periods of time. The sooner it is treated the less damage it’ll cause to the turf. Contact the office for someone to come out and confirm if it is a fungus. If it is, then we can quote you a price for a fungicide and to be scheduled ASAP.

I had a fungicide applied to my yard, but there are still bare spots in my grass.

While the fungicide may treat the fungus and stop it from growing, it will not get rid of the spots it has already caused. You will have to wait for the surrounding grassy areas to fill in those bare spots.

I want my trees/shrubs trimmed a specific way/shape. Can you accommodate this?

Our crews are very experienced in trimming trees and shrubs. However, if you have a specific shape/way you want the trimming done, please notify the office so we can make sure the crews know before doing the service.

I have really tall trees that I would like trimmed. Can the crews do this service?

While our crews are very experienced in trimming trees, they are not able to trim trees taller than 8ft as we do not have the proper equipment to ensure their safety. We can recommend tree specialist companies to you if this is the case.

I forgot to unlock my gate and the crew was not able to service my backyard/side yard.

We do offer combination locks for those that would like to keep their gates locked, but wish for the crews to have access to the backyard/side-yards. Contact the office and let them know you are interested in receiving a combo lock.

We contact customers 2-3 days in advance to remind them gates need to be unlocked for the technicians.

If you keep your gate locked and already have a combo lock, you can share that information with the office so we can be sure to share it with the crews.

It rained right after the treatment was applied to my yard. Will it still be effective?

How can I pay my bill?

We offer a few ways to send payments:

Send a check to our P.O. Box 877, Wylie, TX, 75098

Call our office at 972-618-5363 and pay over the phone

Pay online through our payment portal link (enter link here)

Keep a card on file and the office can auto-charge at the end of each month for any balances due.

Why do I have a service charge on my statement?

Service charges are applied when the account has gone at least 30 days without receiving payment. These charges will continue to accumulate until the balance has been paid off.

Why is there a negative in front of my balance on my statement?

If you have a negative in front of your balance on your statement, it means you have a credit on your account. If this was unintentional, you can call the office to discuss issuing a refund for the amount or leave it on the account and your next service will be deducted from that amount until it is depleted.