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JD’s Makit Green has been delivering dependable landscaping and lawn care services in the Collin county area since 1989. We have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the landscape industry. Our staff has managed everything from small residential yards to multi-million dollar commercial accounts and everything in between. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations and creating beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance the outdoor experience of our clientele.

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Professional Lawn Care Service

Professional Lawn Care Service

Trained Staff With Years of Experience

Trained Staff With Years of Experience

Providing Fair Prices Year Round

Providing Fair Prices Year Round

What Our Customers Say

We were referred to JD's by one of my husband's employees. We started out having them come every other week because my husband is very picky and did not think anyone could take care of the lawn the way he wants it done. However, after the first few months, when he saw what a good job they do and how careful they are, we now have them come every week. They simply mow and edge our lawn. But I am very appreciative because not only does our lawn look neat and tidy all of the time, they are careful of our new trees and plantings. They also never fail to close our gate. We have two dogs and I was nervous at first, but now that we know them, I never think twice before letting the pups out. Another thing I like is that JD's has the option to cease service during the winter months, so that is a good money saver for the couple of months when nothing is growing anyway.

Rachel from Plano, TXSource: Angie's List

It takes them just minutes and they make it look immaculate. The same guys come out for me. They have very competitive pricing. Everyone compliments how beautiful my lawn is. I have been with them for 10 years.

Elane from St. Paul, TXSource: Angie's List

They've done a very good job of maintaining and improving our lawn! Very happy with the result!

Marius from Plano, TXSource: Angie's List

They provided a very competitive quote to handle all my lawn maintenance needs.They take the guesswork out of worrying about weeds and my yard at a price I can afford. My lawn looks great compared to many of my neighbors using the more expensive competitors. I've hired them to handle my car wash lawn service as well.

Brian from Parker, TXSource: Angie's List

I am satisfied with all work performed, and will continue to be a regular customer.

Dan from Plano, TXSource: Angie's List

They're great, they're A+, they're fantastic. Their price is standard in the area. There is not going to be anything that's not 'A' for these guys. I would recommend these guys to anybody. They're great, they're prompt, they keep the schedule on an ongoing basis. When I need additional work with landscaping, they're always there, with not only a quote, but also getting the work done. They schedule and make sure it fits your schedule and so you can work with them and they're very flexible.

Gary from Wylie, TXSource: Angie's List

I’ve been a long-time customer mainly because JDs is reliable, reasonably priced and its crews do great work. In addition, this family-owned company has excellent customer service. We found them through word of mouth 20 years ago, after we bought our very first home in Plano. We’ve moved since then, and the company has passed from father to son, but the quality remains.

Linda from Murphy, TXSource: Angie's List

I want to thank all of you for the great service that you have provided for the past 3+ years. We had one of the nicest yards in our entire subdivision.

Dwain from Wylie, TX

I thought I would pass along my thanks for a job well done taking care of our lawn this season. It’s looked great all summer and we appreciate it!

Jeff from Wylie, TX

It’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with JD’s. Great service with great results.

Cameron from Allen, TX

Great job... we were able to let the crew know what was ordered, and it was done exactly as we wished. Made a big difference in our yard and we've had neighbors come by and express their compliments on the work done.

Bob from Allen, TX

Our Projects

We are excited and very proud to share some of our finest garden jobs that were performed over the last few months.